Hangeng expresses his gratefulness towards SM Entertainment through weibo

It is likely that Super Junior former member Hangeng has fully moved on as he recently reported to have met up with his friend Heechul when he went to Korea.

To strengthen that, Hangeng posted a message on weibo account talking about how grateful he is to SM Entertainment after all the controversies in the past. Along with the message is a photo of a beaming sunlight that tells a thousand words, Hangeng wrote,

"I am very grateful for having to know and meet SM Entertainment, I respect mentors and friends in the company, even though it's past, present or future, what my career has achieved are all thanks to their help. Although we have chosen different paths now, I always hope they are doing well from deep inside my heart. As well as to all of the fans who have accompanied me all this time, you are my pride!"

His post has made fans on SNS feel overwhelmed and touched as they believe that time will definitely come that the gap created in the past will be once filled.

Source: Hangeng's weibo