Goo Hara takes photo with Choo Sarang's mom, Yano Shiho

On August 9th, Yano Shiho posted a photo of her taken with Goo Hara on Instagram and wrote "Nice to meet you, Hara of KARA".

In the photo, Goo Hara and Yano Shiho pose happily together, show off their outstanding beauties. 

Yano Shiho used to be a top model of Japan back then, she's recently become popular again thanks to her daughter Choo Sarang and has started model work in Korea. It has also been reported that Goo Hara might appear in the upcoming episode of KBS's 'Superman returns' and meet up with Choo Sarang.

Meanwhile, Goo Hara is receiving much attention as KARA will soon comeback with new member Heo Yeongii.