Girls Generation makes it #1 on Oricon Chart for 10 days with 'The Best'

On July 2014, Girls Generation released its first ever album that will feature all their greatest hits from 2010-2014 albums. The album is entitled 'The Best' and was released in Japan.

On July 23rd, 'The Best' was released and was able to sell 37,104 copies already. In the first week of its release, it gained 74,921 copies in total. On August 2 chart, 'The Best' had 2,990 copies sold making it already number one on Oricon Chart for ten consecutive days.

'The Best' includes their hit songs 'Gee,' 'Run Devil Run,' 'Mister Taxi,' 'Hoot,' 'Mr.Mr.,' 'Oh!,' 'The Boys,' 'Time Machine,' 'Bad Girl' and others.

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