G-Dragon's leaked private #IceBucketChallenge reveals 'my dear Kiko'

G-Dragon has been revealed to have done another Ice Bucket Challenge video aside from the ones he had posted publicly.

This time, a video allegedly leaked from his private instagram account is causing ruckus because of his mention of 'my dear Kiko' while nominating. Aside from KIko, he also nominted Kiko's friend and sister.

In the video, G-Dragon is standing with a mini pool behind him and said in English, "This is my 2nd ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominate Yoon noona, Yuka chan, and my dear Kiko. Let's go!" 

It can be taken as a friendly address but G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been long timed rumored to be in a relationship though nothing's confirmed in public. What do you think of his mention?

Note: Though it's all over SNS already, we won't attach the leaked video in this post.