f(x) Victoria asks fans not to worry about her and warmly thanks them on weibo

f(x) Victoria has written an indirect post for her fans, who are worrying too much about her,  through her personal weibo account

She wrote, "Do not worry~she's fine~ whenever she's cold, there's someone who will buy her blanket; when she's hungry, there's someone who will buy her food; when she's sleeping ,there's  someone to be with her in the rain; when she's going to work, there's someone who will wait.. So romantic, envious."

She followed it up with write ups, "I will take care of Song Qian~" and "Thanks for your blanket~ Song Qian slept warmly~ 

According to her fans on SNS, some Chinese fans were upset seeing Victoria having hard time after her filming  last night. They even trended the hashtag #VicPleaseTakeCareOfSongQian to show their anxiousness. Seems like Victoria has become aware of it and tries to calm her fans down.

Rest well Victoria!