Fans gift G-dragon a 'G-dragon forest' for his birthday

G-Dragon has received a special birthday gift from his fans: a forest under 'G-dragon' name.

Since June, G-Dragon's fan sites Always-GD and GDWorld have jointed forces to implement a project along with Tree Planet, an organization that campaigns to plant and nurture more trees and green space in metropolitan areas. Fans have donated their time and money promoting the event to encourage others to join in.

On August 18, Tree Planet said that 'G-Dragon Forest' will be set up in Seoul. They are currently in talks with district offices to determine where the trees will be planted.

The fans who participated in the project shared “It is so happy that we could have a place to share memories with G-Dragon. We hope this place will also be a place for many people to visit". 

Recently, the ‘Star Forest Project’, a project that involves building forests under the stars’ names with the funds collected by the fans, has become a new trend as it is a meaningful gift for the idol as well as the way to keep the environment clean.