Eric 'Shinhwa agreed to delay comeback because of my drama'

On August 14th, Eric and other actors attended the press conference for KBS drama "Discovery of Romance" held at Times Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul and opened up about the reason that he delayed Shinhwa work.

Eric who came back to drama after 3 years said “Shinhwa’s schedule for a year was decided 1 year ago. Because ‘Discovery of Romance’ clashed with my work, I could not do it. I even didn’t see the script. When I heard Jung Yoo Mi may appear, I was curious. So I read the script and it was very funny and I wanted to do it”.

He added “Before giving my final answer to the production crew, I asked Shinhwa members for opinion. I said that I really wanted to appear in ‘Discovery of Romance’ and what about delay Shinhwa work for 1 or 2 months. The members gladly agreed and I started shooting the drama and delay Shinhwa's comeback for a while.”

Meanwhile, ‘Discovery of Romance’ is a romantic comedy telling about a woman and two men’s romance. Its first episode will be aired on the 18th.