'Do the Right Rap' campaign heading to its 2nd part---the tour

After the first part, which is the competition of aspiring Korean rappers, The 'Do the Right Rap' campaign is on its second part---the tour.

Kick&Snap uploaded the photo above revealing the details of the tour. The photo shows that the tour will begin on September 6 at 7PM at the Rolling Hall at Hongik University in Seoul. The artist line up will be Verbal Jint, Garion, P-Type, Soul Dive with DJ Juice, Huckleberry P, Vismajor Company and the competition winners.

The 'Do The Right Rap' campaign aim to increase curiosity on what is considered a good rap and encourage all rappers to contribute in making a good rap. The campaign is divided into three parts: competition, tour, and donation.

For more information, visit HipHopLe’s site.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: @kicknsnap