CN Blue's 2014 'Can't Stop' concert in Malaysia ended successfully

Popular Korean band CN Blue performed in Malaysia for their 2014 Can't Stop concert on 9th August at Stadium Negara.

Fans started to enter the stadium at around 6pm to wait for the concert to begin at 7.45pm. The first song performed was Time Is Over followed by Diamond Girl and Intuition.

After performing 3 songs, the boys introduced themselves in Bahasa Malaysia. Fans were excited when Yong Hwa said 'Aku Cinta Padamu' (I Love You in Bahasa Malaysia).

Besides showing their amazing stage presence, the boys showcased their talent including beatboxing, dancing and freestyle guitar skills.

The concert reached another peak when they performed their debut track 'I'm A Loner' as fans sang along with them.

After delivering an amazing 3 hours show, the boys promised to visit Malaysia again in the near future. Attached below are some photos of the concert, have a look!!

Photos Credit: IME Productions
Reported by: PY Yap