[Breaking] Sulli and Choiza spotted on a 'super moon' and 'Pirates movie' date

Among the couples who came to Namsan Tower to watch the 'Super Moon' on August 10, familiar faces were spotted by the eagle-eyed Dispatch.

The Sulli-Choiza couple, both are wearing mask and training outfits appeared among the crowd. According to Dispatch, when the rain begun to pour, Choiza was seen holding Sulli's hand and assisting her in the slippery stair. Moreover, they were both being careful and were trying to keep distance from the crowd thus no one recognized them.

The two seemed happy and enjoying the company of each other. Choiza is very caring towards the charming Sulli. After the 'Super Moon' date, they headed inside Choiza's car to watch the movie 'Pirates', which is Sulli's film debut, from the Namsan outdoor theater.

The two are apparently enjoying a comfortable late night date. They are romantic. Aren't they?

Source: Dispatch