Actress Park Shi Yeon to comeback with a new drama after giving birth

Actress Park Shi Yeon will be returning to small screen through a new drama scheduled to air on TV Chosun in September.

Park Shi Yeon married in 2011, she became a mother in September 2013 and decided to focus on her marriage life and raising her child for some time. She shared, "I'm trying hard to have a great marriage. If you don't want to make an effort, you should live alone," she added, "You must make an effort to live with someone."

Park Shi Yeon also shared her husband's support, "He likes when I work, and he knows that I'm happy when I'm working. He said that it's my decision, and he will support me whatever I decide." 

The new drama starring Park Shi Yeon is about various aspects of love and marriage and she will play a woman who becomes a single mother by choice.  It will air soon in September.