Youngji becomes new member of KARA through KARA Project

On July 1st, the last episode of 'KARA Project' revealed the final result to name KARA's new member.

After Nicole and Jiyoung decided to leave DSP Media to go in their own ways, 'KARA Project' was launched by DSP Media to choose the best candidate to become a new member of KARA. The candidates formed a group named "Baby KARA" and joined together for various missions.

On the final stage on July 1st, Youngji got into Top 4 with Somin, Sojin, Chaewon and won the final vote (50% expert vote + 50% live vote) to become winner, meaning the new member of KARA. She was in tears thanking her family, DSP staff, Baby KARA members, friends... as her name was announced in the last minute.

Meanwhile, KARA with new member Youngji will comeback simultaneously in Korea and Japan in August.