UEE gets injured on her head on 'Laws of the Jungle"

On the latest episode of SBS ‘Law of Jungle in the Indian Ocean’ aired on July 18th, After School's Uee got a major injury on her head and underwent an emergency surgery for the wound. 

On that day, while ‘Byungman family’ (Kim Byung Man, Uee, Kim Seung Soo, Kang Ji Sub, Park Hee Soon, Niel, and James) were standing on the cliff to enjoy the view of a beautiful ocean, suddenly a big wave slammed onto the cliff made Uee fell down and her head hit the rock. The casts were shocked to find Uee lying unconscious and they stopped filming right away.

After the doctor checked on her wound, Uee got stitches for her head and shoulder injury. James and Kang Ji Sub were moved to tears for worrying her.

In the interview after the accident, Uee showed tears saying “I felt as if I were floating in the air, and felt blank. It was fine to get wound, but I felt sorry for members worrying me. It feels bad to make people worry".