TaeTiSeo is in talks for new variety show 'TaeTiSeo Project'

Many fans are currently happy over the news of the possibly TaeTiSeo's own variety show, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

A rep from On Style revealed through press release on July 26th,"We are currently in the beginning stage of planning for 'TaeTiSeo Project'(working title) which will be a part of our 'Real Star Series' this fall", "There hasn't any specific details related to the programs yet as we are still under discussion with the agency. The title, format and concept have yet to be decided".

If this confirms to be true, it will be the next show to be aried following 'Lee Hyo Ri x Unnies', 'Jung Joon Young's Be Stupid', 'Clara's Like A Virgin' and the latest is 'Jessica and Krystal'.