Sulli to halt all activities for temporary hiatus, f(x) end promotions for 'Red Light'

Like what netizens have predicted due to Sulli's frequent absences from f(x) 'Red Light' promotions, it was all due to the malicious rumors.

SM Entertainment announces on July 25 that Sulli will be taking hiatus from entertainment temporarily.

The agency stated, "Sulli requested to take a rest from all her activities because of physical and mental pain she's been suffering due to the malicious rumors surrounding her."

"After thorough discussion, we decided to grant her wish in order to protect our artists. Therefore, Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal are going to perform in the upcoming SMTOWN Seoul on August 15 as f(x) and  will be focusing on their individual activities in the future."

"We regret to inform f(x) fans this kind of news but we hope for you to continue show your support to f(x)."

Regarding this situation, f(x) have also ended their 'Red Light' promotions with their Inkigayo performance last week as their goodbye stage.