SS501's Kim Kyu Jong discharged from military service

On the morning of July 22, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong was officially released from the Jeonbuk Jeonju Regional Military Manpower Office after serving for two years as a public service worker since July 2012. 

Although there were no special events for his release, many fans and the press waited for him for hours to welcome him back. Ahead of the discharge, SS501 fans (Triple S) also prepared a huge banner titled "Kyu Jong, 2014, We are here waiting for you" and hang it in 27 cities, including major cities in Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Peru,..., showing fan's loyal love for Kim Kyu Jong.

Kyu Jong's agency, B2M entertainment, stated, "Kim Kyu Jong has departed for his home in Jeonju and will spend time with his parents for a few days. He will then hold an official fan meeting to repay fans for their warm support".