Shinhwa's Hyesung to release a new duet with Lyn

It has been reported that Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung and Lyn are going to release a new duet.

Shin Hye Sung and Lyn used to work together with many duets such as 'After Love', 'His & Her Story' and 'It's You'. Now they will collaborate again for a new duet, which is a part of Shin Hye Sung's remake album, 'Once Again - #1 Buen Camino' released in 2005.

Even though it has been quite a few years since they released their last duet, Shin Hye Sung and Lyn still showed a fabulous teamwork during the recording.

A representative of Shin Hye Sung's company said, "Shin Hye Sung is celebrating his 10th solo debut anniversary next year, and Lyn happily joined in the project. Please show a lot of supports for them"

Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sung is going to release the new version of 'Buen Camino' on July 15th, and he is going to release a one new track every month.