'Roommate' is in danger with another controversy

SBS's variety show "Roommate" is in danger with another controversy and keep getting low ratings since first episode.

According to Nielson Korea, the viewer ratings of 'Roommate' latest episode broadcasted on the 13th was 4.9%, recorded its lowest rate that day, as decreasing 0.4% point. SBS's average ratings for the whole programs of "Good sunday" is 6.3%, far lower than KBS2 ‘Happy Sunday’(12.2%) and MBC ‘Sunday, Sunday Night’(9.1%). 

This poor ratings result is caused by many controversies in ‘Roommate’. 2NE1 member Park Bom has recently got into her own "drug scandal" but her appearance was still aired without editing, making viewers angry. In the latest episode, 'Roommate' became the center of the controversy again as Park Min Woo fell asleep while driving car and nearly caused an accident. Another member Seo Kang Joon who sat in the passenger seat didn’t tie the seat belt. All of these problems made viewers turn their back on 'Roommate".

Roommate’ are facing its biggest crisis ever. What do you think about the future of this show?