Ra.D to return with 'SOUNDZ' + track list

After six years of hiatus, Ra.D will be coming back with an official full-length album entitled 'Soundz.'

On July 17th, Ra.D uploaded a more than three-minute video. The video contains a 'pre-listening' privilege to his fans. His upcoming album will have 12 tracks.

Here's the list:

1. 'Please Forgive Me'- a cute song about a man's excuse for being late. It's considered as Ra.D's indirect apology for having been away for so long. A sensational R&B number with strong, groovy beats that sum up the album.

2. 'For Me feat. Rapper Inbal'- a clean, unique synth and bass sounds on top of heavy beats. The song is asking for 'some space to breathe' because that someone's charm is 'almost suffocating.'

3. 'Shawty'- it starts off with African rhythms and transitions into funky, urban sounds. 

4. 'Fly Away'- the title track. This song is about Ra.D's personal wish to 'fly away' from the exhausting everyday life.The music video features Ra.D's skydiving experience. He revealed its MV on June 30th.

Watch its MV:

5. 'Drive Away'- must listen to this song while in a car heading to a beach or mountains on a sunny day.

6. 'Hawaii feat. Lee Nare'- beautiful sounds begin softly like Hawaiian waves. He uses ukelele and other Hawaiian sounds.

7. 'Good Girl'- a slow jam of 69 bpm. Ra.D has created a sensational number with sexy lyrics and sounds.

8. 'Lullaby'- a beautiful and sad song for the lovers. Guitarist You Wung ryul is featured in composing.

9. 'Still feat. PianistsLee Bak & Jeon Sang Min'- a simple, controlled piano sounds have created another sad song.

10. 'Like That'- pieces of strong memories come together to create the past. A song about relationships' beginning and ending like the seasons. A combination of clean guitar sounds and unique percussion sounds.

11. '1998'- 1998 is when Ra.D started in music industry with his closest friends who were UMC, KeepRoots and Yoo Hyunsang. It's a G-Funk style old school beats and classy arrangements feat. interesting raps by current / former rappers.

12. 'Outro'- on top of the intro song 'Please Forgive Me,' Ra.D narrates with Kelley, who is featured in 'Couple Song' from the second album.

Anticipate his comeback on July 24th at 12:00 PM KST.

Listen below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net