Park Ji Yoon releases first teaser image for new summer single 'Yoo Hoo'

Park Ji Yoon will serve us with her new music this summer.

On July 3rd, Mystic89 official Twitter and Facebook uploaded a teaser image of a passport with the information that Park Ji Yoon will release a new summer single called "Yoo Hoo" on the upcoming July 10th.

"Yoo Hoo" will be the 3rd single in Park Ji Yoon's seasonal project. She previously released "Mr.Lee" in fall last year which was a big success as it marked her comeback in the music industry. She later released "Inner Space" single in which "Beep" was the title track last winter and it also received a lot of love from many people.

Don't miss the release of "Yoo Hoo" on July 10th.