Park Bom to step down from SBS' 'Roommate'

This week's episode will be Park Bom's last appearance on the show.

On July 24th, 'Roommate' CP Baek Jung Ryul said,"Park Bom's last appearance on the show will be aired on July 27th. She hasn't participated in the recording so we no longer have any footage of her. It's true that she will be leaving the show".

He also added,"There are no plans for Park Bom to join in the recording in the future. We haven't discussed about it. Also a large amount of footage of Park Bom were edited out due to the controversy".

Ever since Park Bom got involved in her drugs smuggling controversy, she has been temporally stepping down from 'Roommate' recording. Considering how the incident affects her, it seems she has decided to officially get off the show.