Alexander pre-celebrates bday in Manila

Alexander or Xander is in the Philippines to attend a pre-celebration event for his 26th birthday on July 26th.

But before his celebration, Alexander ate some authentic Filipino food---Halo Halo (a popular dessert with mixtures of various boiled sweet beans, jelly, fruits, shaved ice and evaporated milk) and sinigang. On his Instagram, he posted a photo featuring halo halo. He captioned with, "Statue of Liberty.🗽 LOL Finally having HALO-HALO!! So yummy! Especially with UBE ice-cream~ Oh man.... Food-coma before party... 😱 #xander #halohalo #ube #icecream #manila #philippines #xanderexploding"

On other Instagram, the photos below were uploaded. The first photo featured 'sinigang' (a Filipino sour viand with pork or fish).

Xander or Alexander Lee Eusebio in real life will turn 26 this July 29th.

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SOURCE: Alexander