A Pink's Naeun to be the new model for outdoor brand 'M-Limited'

She will be endorsing along side with her member Eunji and ZE:A's Siwan.

Naeun has been chosen as the new exclusive model to promote for outdoor sport brand 'M-Limited' and she will be doing various promoting activities together with Eunji and Siwan for a new collection which will target at the 20-something market.

A rep from 'M-Limimited' said,"We beliveve that Eunji' bright, lively, and tomboyish personality with Naeun' innocent and pure charms through our TV ads and pictorials will help appeal our brand even more to everyone".

In addition, Naeun will join Eunji and Siwan to shoot for a new CF with the slogan "I go my own way" for the autumn/wintter season and it will be released to the public at the end of August.