ZE:A's Hyung Sik pays for a meal of a soldier who is on his vacation

His action towards a soldier has received much praise from many people.

On June 29th, a user claiming to be a 22-year-old soldier who is on his vacation posted in an online community that he went to a restaurant for lunch recently and he met 'Real Man''s Park Hyung Sik with Kwang Hee who were eating at a table next to him.

He wrote,"It felt so amazing so we kept secretly glancing at them while eating. When we went to pay the bill, a waiter said our meal had already been paid. We asked the waiter about the one who helped us pay and they said Park Hyung Sik was the one who did it, and he even left a note saying "You have worked hard. Cheer up" for me. I was so grateful so I decided to write about it here, and hope this will be spread so that more people will know about it".

In addition, Hyung Sik also treated 400 fans who went to support ZE:A's comeback on 'Inkigayo' recently with fried chicken, showing his caring side towards the fans.