The woman who blackmailed Yoochun sentenced for 10 months in jail

The woman who threatened to release Yoochun's private photos for money has been sentenced in jail.

On June 10th, The Seoul Central District Court's judge Han Sung Soo announced the imprisonment for Ms.Kim to 10 months for her crime.

The judge said,"The amount of damage towards the victim was 100 million won and both the parties didn't reach an agreement. Considering the damages that the celebrity and the agency has suffered, it's claimed as a heavy crime. The perpetrator also threatened the victims by telling lies that she knew someone in the media and political fields".

In February, when Kim was wandering around a shopping mall in Cheongdam-dong she picked up a lost cell phone which was said to belong to Yoochun's ex-girlfriend. In the afternoon on the same day, Yoochun and his agency received the threat from her saying that she would expose all of his past photos and text messages in return for 100 million won.

Yoochun's manager met up with her and promised to give her the money, and also went to the police to report her crime. The next day, Kim was caught red-handed by the police while being handed the money by the manager.