Thai group, Millenium Boy explains and apologizes for issue with EXO

Thai group Millenium Boy (MB)  is facing a huge issue against SM Entertainment and EXO's fans after getting so much popularity with their cover acts of EXO's songs and performances.

Many EXO fans are protesting about Millenium Boy's usage and imitation of the original EXO's logo, poster and album cover during the events they were invited to perform. Millenium Boy's fans even called them EXO-T which adds up tension.

With this unfortunate incident, Millenium Boy uploaded a 23-minute video explaining their side and apologizing for those who have felt offended. They used Thai, Korean and English to be able to explain to the majority.

On the video, Millenium Boy explained that they never use EXO-T when they introduced themselves. They use 'Millenium Boy Cover EXO' instead. They also explained the modification of EXO's logo, the fan sign event which drew questions because of the fee they ask, the autograph signing on the white jumper and selling of merchandise, their cover dance and poster, 9GAG photo, K's photo, and the rude words they dropped on social media explaining that they are humans too who get hurt especially if they see hate comments from their fellow Thais. On the last part of the video, Millenium Boy apologized for crossing their lines.

Millenium Boy is composed of 11 Thais and one Korean (Minsoo).

For further clarification, watch below:

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