Tao is the 2nd EXO member to join 'Laws of the Jungle', preparing to depart for Solomon Islands

Great news for EXO fans as Tao confirmed to join the next expedition of 'Laws of the Jungle' in Solomon Islands, making him the second EXO member to participate in the program after Chanyeol who joined Micronesia expedition.

'Laws of the Jungle' Solomon Islands will be directed by Kim Jin Ho who worked on Borneo episodes. It is reported that the staff are already exploring the area which tropical climate is perfect for summer.

Tao is one of the athletic idols around with great martial arts skills so fans are looking forward what he could do during the adventure. Aside from Tao, Park Jung Chul and Ryu Dam Lee are appearing again as well reuniting with the rest of the cast.

The Solomon Islands' cast are preparing to depart for filming this coming July and broadcast would be in August.