Taeyang summarizes 'Journey to Rise' in a docu-video

Big Bang uploaded a video featuring Taeyang. The video is entitled 'Journey to Rise' which tells in detail the story of his experiences when he was preparing for his album 'Rise.'

'Rise' was prepared for four years. The album's release took too long because Taeyang didn't want to release this until he's completely happy and contented. 

The 4-minute video summarized what did Taeyang and his group encountered during the preparation. The documentary featured producers involved in the project and they gave their own accounts about Taeyang's journey.

Also, Taeyang's fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon, gave his comment saying, “[Taeyang] really struggled much before releasing his album. The release was always delayed, which he didn't intent. Many things made it hard for him.”

Watch below:

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net