Super Junior members greet their ELF a Happy 8th Anniversary!

Super Junior's fanclub called Everlasting Friends or ELF is surely one of the biggest and longest running fanbase around is celebrating their 8th anniversary today, June 2.

Of course, in their big day, Super Junior members send their congratulations and messages. Yesung tweeted, "happy birthday 8 !! ELF love U .." and attached a photo of the sapphire blue sea with the word 'ELF' on it. Eunhyuk joins to trend '#Happy8thAnniversaryELF", while Ryeowook and Heechul write touching messages.

"There are few staff who told me 'I was an ELF oppa'~ ><”ㅋ I heard it's your 8th anniversary ^^ They might forgot it already but we're still thankful for their support in the past ^^ to the present ELF, we're going to take care of you well, thank you ♡", and "HARU ~* E.L.F. ♡ SUPER JUNIOR 8 sincerely Thank YOU~ are the ONE. Todya's radio starts with Super Junior's song ! ELF are you going to accept my heart? Kkkkk"

"Happy 8th year anniversary. For 8 years, we've laughed, cried, liked and hated each other, however I'm really grateful that you are still supporting us until now and walked with us. Be happy in the future as well! Don’t get sick~ :D :D" and "ya, I heard it`s your 8th anniversary? kk we are growing old together. Let`s love together for a long long time, my babies ^-^♡ #E.L.F"

ELF must be happy celebrating the day with Super Junior. Happy 8th Anniversary!