SNSD's Seohyun's photos used by a Chinese man to ask for some help

Reports have been circulating around about a Chinese man who declared marriage with SNSD's Seohyun, and asks for some help.

The man used photos of Seohyun and wrote that she's his wife who died two years ago due to fire incident. He asks for any kind of help for himself, daughter and family members.

With the advancement of technology nowadays, we should be careful in discerning wome helphether a photo is real or just edited/ photo shopped. However, whether the photos above are fake or not, the real topic here is impoverishment. Poverty is all over the world even to powerful and wealthy countries like China, and it will never be easy to eradicate it. Perhaps, good governance, kind-hearts and actions of humankind and hard work of the individual will decrease its number slowly. 

The main things is, we should work on this together. You who have everything, give something. You who have nothing, strive to have something.  

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SOURCE: Sports Chosun