SM to sponsor '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games' and reveals new company logo

SM Entertainment will be sponsoring the upcoming '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games' and reveals their new company logo.

On June 25, SM announced that the company and its stars are going to participate in promoting the Asian Para Games, which happens every four years for athletes with disabilities that will participate in the event.

Asian Para Games commenced in China in 2010 and it has been decided that the 2nd 'Asian Para Games' be held in Incheon, South Korea this year. The logo of SM has been placed as the major sponsor of the event but a day after, a new logo has been placed.

Aside from the usual initials of 'SM', the big company announced that they are going to use the new pink logo 'SMTOWN' starting from the '2014 Incheon Asian Para Games'.

Do you like the new logo?