SM Entertainment says they caught the person who spread rumours about Sulli

But Sulli showed her mercy and decided to forgive the criminal.

On June 11th, SM Entertainment revealed that they have caught the culprit who spreaded malicious rumours about Sulli on the internet back in March".

"In order to protect our artist, we decided to take legal action and filed charges against the person who spreaded rumours as cyber defamation to the local police", SM Entertainment said.

They continued,"We cooperated with the police department for investigation and finally found the person who first diffused the rumours. As that person realized creating malicious rumours is a criminal act, she is currently in deep reflection and promised to not repeat it in the future.

SM Entertainment also said,"The person who spread the rumours sincerely apologized to Sulli and promised not to do it again in the future. Upon seeing her is just a school girl around her peer, Sulli asked for clemency. We decided to respect her decision and dropped the case on June 10th".

"Our withdrawal is an exception for this case because we respect Sulli's decision. If there are any rumours spread in the future, we will take them seriously. Through continuous monitoring, we will strongly cope with all the illegal acts that cause harm to our artists and families".