Seo Kang Jun sits down on 'Entertainment Relay'

On the June 14th episode of 'Entertainment Relay,' Seo Kang Jun was interviewed and revealed something about him.

He clarified the nickname as 'Hyun Bin's doppelganger' that was given to him. He said that it was not the actor Hyun Bin, but it's Park Hyun Bin because of their same smile. He also shared his goal as an actor saying, "When I enter my thirties and forties, I want to be called as 'the nation's oppa'... Just like Park Geun Hyung sunsengnim, even as I get older, I want to focus my strength into acting consistently."

He also showcased his piano skills during this episode. Catch him on SBS' 'Roommate.'

Watch below:

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SOURCE: KBSEntertain