Seo In Guk displays his skills as an ice hockey player in still cuts

Still cuts of Seo In Guk wearing hockey uniform on ice rink are released to public rising viewers anticipation for the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama 'High School King'.

In the still cuts, Seo In Guk is completely dressed in white and red hockey uniform complete with gears as he demonstrates perfect form of a hockey player. In relation to his character, Seo In Guk learned the sport for two months from a professional to execute a flawless role.

According to a drama representative, "Seo In Guk really likes sports and since he is very athletic there was no difficulty in shooting. However, filming two days consecutively wearing heavy hockey uniform, it must be hard for him but he manages to keep his stamina and always energetic on the set like a highschool student making in satisfying."

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk will play two roles in 'High School King', a highschool hockey player and a company's boss. The drama premieres on June 16 at 11PM KST.