Sasaeng fan installed hidden camera at Luhan's hotel, picture taken released

The photo of EXO Luhan having his make up done by his stylist inside his hotel room was made public.

Unfortunately, the photo wasn't taken officially nor by himself but by a sasaeng fans who installed a hidden camera in his hotel room. It may sound creepy but the the fan even proudly uploaded the photo on her weibo account but immediately taken it down.

The photo was put up in Korean portal sites on 23rd and EXO fans are shocked how could that happened. This action showed how some sasaeng fans are beyond limit of their idol's privacy.

Before this, on 22nd, Luhan posted up a message on his weibo begging fans to stop following him and even posted a photo of a car but taken it down afterwards.

Regarding this incident, hopefully no one would ever do it in the future as there are consequences that they might regret.

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