'Roommate's Park Min Woo to appear alongside Soyu in K.Will's upcoming MV

After revealing that SISTAR Soyu is going to be the next star to be featured in K.Will's upcoming MV, curiosity has risen regarding who would be her partner.

In has turned out that 'Roommate' Park Min Woo is going to be the male protagonist and Soyu's partner in the MV through the MV stills released.

Like Soyu, actor Park Min Woo is wearing a highschool uniform while flashing his 'dimple smile' for the camera. He's looking soft in his eyeglasses while making a heart sign.

Soyu and Park Min Woo's appearances on K.Will's upcoming MV for A Day Starting Today' is being anticipated. K.Will's 5th mini album will be released on June 26.