Nichkhun's present for fans on his 26th bday

Nichkhun is going to celebrate his 26th birthday this June 24th. But before his special day, instead of him receiving presents, he has gift for his fans.

Nichkhun will be giving his supporters a treat before his birthday as he will be seen in his first drama lead role 'One and a Half Summer.' The Chinese-Korean coproduction will air on June 23rd.

'One and a Half Summer' will revolve in Zhang Hao (Nichkhun's character). He is a Chinese American student whose marriage is arranged already. In order to escape from this plan, he will go to Greece where he will meet Shu Qing (played by actress Yu Wen Wen). Sooner or later, these two individuals will share mutual feeling.

Aside from Nichkhun and Yu Wen Wen, miss A‘s Jia, Jiang Jing Fu and Chou Nick are also part of the drama. The airing of this drama will end the long wait already. This was filmed and started to get attention from media mid months last year.

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