Mighty Mouth's Sangchu confirms to be in a relationship with a dentist

Earlier today Sangchu was reported to be dating a dentist and his agency finally confirmed it.

An official said,"It's true that Sangchu is currently in a relationship. They have been dating even before his enlistment and they are also considering about marriage in the future".

Another official said,"His girlfriend is working as a dentist as she graduated from Seoul National University. She's also a very graceful lady".

In particular, Sangchu also clarified about his massage parlor controversy with Se7en on SNS. He posted a link to a 10 sheets of A4 paper which explained about his wrongdoing and said that he didn't do any illegal act.

He wrote,"I can no longer watching my parents and loved ones keeping their heads down while walking as if they are sinners","Celebrities always concert about their rumours and we are not so bold or reckless enough to do such things at that kind of place with people we don't even know"

Sangchu enlisted on October 30th, 2012 and will be discharged this August.