Lee Kwang Soo: "Running Man is a part of my body"

Recently, Running Man's member, Lee Kwang Soo, has shared his thought on Running Man in the latest interview. 

When being asked if his entertainer role in Running Man influences his acting career, he shared, "Many people also told me their worries about that. I get what they mean, but I can't leave Running Man just because of that. 'Running Man' is like a part of my body, my family. I don't think I'll have to quit it just to focus on another project."

He went on, "I'm always thankful when I could record the show with other members. Some people think that I'm fake or overacted, but many others know what kind of person I am so I don't worry much".

He showed his desire to work and tried to win everyone's heart, "I can't satisfy everyone but the important thing is, if I work with sincerity, I believe they will understand me."