'K-Pop Star Season 4' to start its preliminary round on June 1st + first broadcast is in November

SBS' "K-Pop Star" will comeback with Season 4 this November.

On May 31st, SBS announced that they will open the first preliminary round on June 1st and it requires all the contestants to call in through a particular number.

The show has successfully finished the previous 3 seasons and it also discovered many talents such as Lee Hi, Park Ji Min, Akdong Musician, Bernard Park, Kwon Jin Ah... so many people are very excited upon the news that the show will make its comeback later this year.

A rep from the production team said,"We're also having much concern for this season","We have always tried to add a new theme and new stories into each season so for this season we will try to show something new"

"K-Pop Star Season 4" will hold its preliminary rounds in United States, Europe, Oceania and Asia in July. In Korea it will start on August 16th in Guangzhu, August 23rd in Busan, August 30th and 31st in Seoul, Daegu on September 13th and September 20th will be in Seoul again.

Submitting application through phone will be from June 1st to September 19th. The show will start its first broadcast in mid-November.