Jung sisters make a comment about their 'bad temper' image

Girls’ Generation's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal gave their comment regarding other people's impression of them. 

On June 3rd, the first episode of Onstyle’s 'Jessica & Krystal' was aired, and these siblings shared their thoughts about their 'bad temper' image.

Jessica explained, “Many assumed that idols always are in good mood. If they didn't see you smiling or happy, they misunderstood that most of the time. Please don't think that we are both bad-tempered."

The younger Jung, Krystal, dropped a sharper point of view, “I think there's no need to explain. This is who we are. What can we do about it?” 

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Newsen