Happy birthday to SNSD's Seohyun

Stage Name: Seohyun
Birth Name: Seo Joo Hyun
Nicknames: Maknae, Seororo, Seobaby, Hyun
Birthday: June 28, 1991
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Label: SM entertainment
Group: SNSD. Taetiseo
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Blood Type: A
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Specialties: Chinese, piano, violin
Hobbies: Listening to music
Roommate: Tiffany (Old Dorm), Hyoyeon (New Dorm)
Twitter: @sjhsjh0628

- She loves eating Goguma (Sweet potatoes). 
- She hates hamburgers
- She can imitate alarm clocks
- Her ideal man is Johnny Depp
- She likes books. She wakes up at 7 to read books.
- In February 2010 she was partnered with CN Blue's Yonghwa in MBC variety show 'We Got Married' 
- One of her best friends is KARA's ex member Nicole