Former members of Five Girls, G.NA & SECRET's Hyosung reunite

G.NA and SECRET's Hyosung had the chance to see each other on one of the episodes of 'M! Countdown.'

These two beautiful and talented ladies were members of a KPop girl group Five Girls, which never had the chance to debut due to financial troubles of Good Entertainment. They were re-united as they promote their solo albums.

On the photo, they swapped their albums and posed adorably. G.NA has recently returned with 'Pretty Lingerie' while Hyosung is promoting her first solo album 'Top Secret' with its title song 'Goodnight Kiss.' 

Five Girls was composed of SECRET's Hyosung, G.NA, Wonder Girls' Yubin, After School's UEE and Spica's Jiwon. They were supposed to debut in 2007.

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SOURCE: Sports Donga