EXO' D.O and Suho visit fans who were injured from their concert in Hong Kong

It was reported that D.O and Suho made their visit to the fans who got injured from EXO concert in Hong Kong.

According to SM Entertainment, during "EXO from EXOPlanet #1 – The Lost Planet in Hong Kong" on June 2nd, during a performance in which some members were sitting on hammocks hanging up in the air, a malfunction happened to D.O's hammock which led it crash into the audience section and 2 fans were injured because of that.

Immediately after the concert, the 2 fans were taken to the hospital to receive treatment. In particular, D.O and Suho went to visit them on behalf of the group. Both of them were impressed by the boys' behavior and later posted their thankful messages on SNS.

Regarding this issue, SM Entertainment, Dream Maker which was in charge of the concert production and also Media Asia, apologized for the accident and promised that they will take full responsibility of the treatment costs.