ex-Kara member Kang Jiyoung may make her comeback as an actress in Japan

Jiyoung will likely make her return as an actress in Japan in the near future.

On June 10th, Japanese Magazine "Woman Self" reported,"Kang Jiyoung who left Kara to study in London last April, will resume her activities this fall","She is in discussion with a Japanese entertainment agency for her future career as an actress".

According to the report, the agency turns out to be Sweet Power, whose house of popular Japanese actresses Meisa Kuroki and Maki Horikawa, also they're in charged of Kim Tae Hee' activities in Japan.

"Woman Self" also stated that Jiyoung has always dreamed of becoming an actress. The CEO of Sweet Power went all the way to London to meet her and discuss about her future. She will make her comeback as an actress to Japanese fans later this year.