'Baby Kara' wows 1000 fans at their 1st showcase

"Baby Kara" successfully finished their 1st showcase.

On June 15th, "Baby Kara" held their 1st larges-scale showcase at Woori Finance Art Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul. The event attracted more than 1000 fans not only in Korea but also from Japan who came to see them performing live, considering that they're still trainees the event sure achieved a great success.

The showcase is served as the fifth mission for the members in order for them to showcase their adaptive skill as well as the ability to attract fans themselves.

Upon the moment they were surprised at the amount of people at the showcase, the members responded by giving passionate performances, they started with "Lupin" as it was the mission song. The fans also showed their support by giving a loud applause and shouting the members' names when they came on stage.

The members also carried out their promise to do a sexy wave, a serenade and a couple dance with the fans if they managed to bring in 1000 people at their showcase.