Actor Lee Chunhee is a proud daddy to his daughter

Korean actor Lee Chunhee appeared on SBS variety show 'The Laws of the City.'

On his introduction interview, he revealed cute photos of his three year-old (international age) daughter. As a proud father, he boasted saying, “Our daughter is 4 years old already and she greets people in Chinese. She is also really good at solving puzzles. That’s a Cinderella puzzle in the photo. Isn’t it cute?”

'The Laws of the City' is a show that puts Korean celebrities in an unknown city on where they need to use their instinct to survive. Lee Chunhee together with Ailee, Jung Kyungho, John Park, Kim Sungsoo and Baek Jinhee guested on the June 11th episode which was filmed in New York City.

Lee Chunhee tied the knot with Jeon Hye-jin on March 11, 2011 and they had their daughter in July 2011.
Advanced Happy Father's Day to all daddies around the world.

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SOURCE: Chosun