A sneak peek of After School's Nana's photos and interview for 'GEEK' magazine July 2014 edition

On June 26th, some of the photos from the summer pictorial of the men's magazine 'GEEK' featuring After School's Nana were unleashed. 

The three photos above showed how sexiness is oozing from the ever beautiful Nana. Aside from those photos, a taste of her photo shoot interview was also released. 

Nana was asked about her busy work and 'Roommate.' She shared, "I become more positive whenever I have a busy schedule. Though it is exhausting, it's still fun. Though I rarely get sleep, it's still fun. I just consider the filming set of 'Roommate' as my home because if I let myself to be conscious of how I look every minute, I would get stressed. I just enjoy meeting with my unnis and oppas of our 'Roommate' family."

The full version will be released this July 2014.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net