ZE:A's Kwanghee greets and shows his closeness to the birthday boy Suho

ZE:A's Kwanghee greets his friend EXO Suho, who is celebrating his 24th birthday today (Korean age).

He posted a proof shot of them smiling brightly even showing their teeth. Despite of their all black outfit, Kwanghee and Suho seem to be enjoying the breeze from the lake behind them.

Kwanghee wrote, "Suho-ya JunMyeon-ah Happy Birthday kkk". Fans are as happy as them and wrote comments below the picture, "Kwanghee and Suho, I don't know you're close.","I can see Suho's big smile.","Happy birthday leader! Stay happy like this.","Thank you Kwnaghee oppa." and so on.

Have you greeted Suho yet? (T/N JunMyeon is Suho's real name)
Meanwhile, ZE:A is planning to come back this June 2 with a new mini album.