YG Entertainment explains why Yoo In Na didn't show up at Ji Hyun Woo's discharge

YG Entertainment released an official statement about Yoo In Na's absence from Ji Hyun Woo's military discharge.

On May 6th, a rep from YG Entertainment said,"Because Yoo In Na is currently busy with her personal schedules that's why she didn't attend Ji Hyun Woo's discharge ceremony","She went to China for a movie filming and just went back to Korea yesterday(May 5th), also because of her radio schedule she wasn't able to go see him at his discharge. Both of them are still dating well".

Ji Hyun Woo finished his military service and discharge on May 6th. However his lover Yoo In Na didn't show up at the ceremony which aroused the rumour of them having broken up with each other.

Yoo In Na is currently filming for a Chinese movie "Wedding Bible", she's also hosting KBS Cool FM "Yoo In Na's Volume Up" and MC-ing for On Style's "Get It Beauty 2014".

For Ji Hyun Woo he is considering to star in KBS' new drama "Trot Lovers" along with IU.